Social Media Optimization

Engage with Social Media Optimization.

With over 1 billion daily active Facebook users and Twitter counting up to 500-million tweets per day, companies online and off are focusing more on attracting and engaging customers via social networking channels. Social Media Optimization (SMO) allows companies to build relationships with current and future customers on a more personal level, as well as drive traffic and sales to an online store. This element of eCommerce marketing is most effective when there is someone dedicated to managing social channels. Lack of time is the number one reason we hear from store owners who have yet to embrace SMO. Stale, inactive and spammy Twitter and Facebook accounts do anything but socialize. Enter Solid Cactus, the creative social media company that can get your brand the social buzz it needs.

Our Social Media Optimization specialists will help define your audience, develop strategies, and then serve as your ‘virtual vocal chords!’ We capture your voice and communicate with your audience as a representative of your brand. We offer a variety of managed social media services for small business websites. Our SMO services include:

  • Twitter Management
  • Facebook Management
  • Pinterest Management
  • LinkedIn Management
  • Google+ Management
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Optimization Reporting
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