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The Story of Solid Cactus

Our founders Scott Sanfilippo and Joe Palko launched one of the earliest eCommerce stores in 1994 and quickly experienced success as Yahoo! Store owners. With a team of world-class designers, experienced programmers and digital marketers, we provide web design solutions and website development on several leading platforms, as well as Internet marketing, call center services to more than 4,000 online businesses. By developing in-house SaaS products and joining with the Agency // web.com team, Solid Cactus continues to expand its brand and maintain its position as a leader in eCommerce marketing.

2015 – Today

Enhancing Services with Agency // web.com
Solid Cactus has maintained its competitive position as an eCommerce innovator by joining forces with the Agency // web.com team, a premier digital marketing brand. The company now offers expanded eCommerce and responsive web design services. The Solid Cactus menu of services is available for small businesses and enterprise brands.


Solid Cactus joins the Web.com Family.
Web.com, a leader in small business eCommerce, acquired Solid Cactus with a merger designed to expand the array of small business solutions offered by both eCommerce providers. “Joining Web.com provides Solid Cactus with the resources to enhance our specialized eCommerce and online marketing product offerings,” said Scott Sanfilippo, co-founder and President of Solid Cactus. “We look forward to working with our new colleagues at Web.com in expanding our presence in the eCommerce market.”


As the company added to its number of employees, Solid Cactus retained its title as “One of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies” by Inc 500 for the 2nd year in a row. At the same time, the company had the privilege of being listed as one of the “Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania.” For three consecutive years, Solid Cactus held this honor.


Solid Cactus Named One of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Companies
Inc. 500 added Solid Cactus to its list of fastest-growing companies in August of 2007. The magazine went on to honor Solid Cactus in its Inc. 5000 list with the following superlatives: “Solid Cactus is the 28th fastest growing private IT Services company in America,” and “Solid Cactus is the 255th fastest growing private company in America.”

Solid Cactus celebrated another milestone with its second addition to the list of “Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania.” This time the company soared from spot #21 to #11. The company placed within the medium-sized business category, which applies to companies with less than 250 employees. Only four other firms in Northeastern Pennsylvania shared the honor of being included in the list.

Developing Internet Marketing Tools
Navigating comparison shopping engines without the tools to identify trends and improve strategies is difficult. Solid Cactus identified a need for data analysis within eCommerce and developed a solution. The company’s service offerings expanded in 2007 with the creation of FeedPerfect, a comparison shopping management solution. This web-based tool allows businesses to track product sales and performance with customizable reports.


Solid Cactus Named one of the “Best Places to Work in PA”
The Team Pennsylvania Foundation, Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, and Central Penn Business Journal combined efforts to create a survey and awards program of the top employers in the state. Located in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Solid Cactus earned a spot in 2006 on the prestigious “Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania” list. The web development company claimed the 21st position. At the same time, Solid Cactus gained national and regional recognition as a burgeoning and successful internet design firm. Only four other firms in Northeastern Pennsylvania shared this honor.

Solid Cactus adds Internet Marketing Services to Product Offering
Just one month after introducing call center services, Solid Cactus began offering Search Marketing and Affiliate Program Management. The company provided services designed to increase internet visibility for merchants by using paid and organic marketing. In preparation for the product launch, team members trained extensively. The PPC experts earned a certification that established Solid Cactus as a “Google Qualified Company.” The company’s eCommerce merchants could now improve rankings, increase search engine visibility and purchase ads at a lower cost. Merchants could now help their businesses by turning to Solid Cactus for organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and paid search management.

Introducing Call Center Services
With more businesses turning to Solid Cactus for eCommerce assistance, the company branched out to provide call center services. These services encompassed package tracking, inbound order taking, email response, and other customer service functions on a per-minute rate. Our customer service representatives became experts on each client’s products and policies, providing the highest level of service for each call.


Solid Cactus Acquires Yahoo! Store Design Firm TurnAhead.com
The company made another major move by purchasing TurnAhead.com, a boutique firm specializing in building websites on the Yahoo! Store platform. Acquiring this company enabled Solid Cactus to bolster its executive team with new talent.


Establishing the Solid Cactus Brand
Finding success in eCommerce propelled Scott Sanfilippo and Joe Palko to create Solid Cactus, their own web design firm. They became the go-to experts on the Yahoo! Store platform, giving businesses an affordable way to sell products online. With unparalleled knowledge of the Yahoo! Store platform and a portfolio of award-winning website design solutions, Solid Cactus offered a unique service to more than 4,000 online businesses.


The Founders Launch Successful eCommerce Store
The founders of Solid Cactus, Scott Sanfilippo and Joe Palko, have decades of experience with digital marketing. Their journey began with launching TheFerretStore.com, one of the earliest eCommerce stores. By identifying a niche where they could sell ferret products and combine that with tech expertise, Sanfilippo and Palko became successful eCommerce entrepreneurs.

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